Thursday, 13 November 2008

Evanescence - My Immortal

Thanks to WaysLinn for the accurate video and decent breakdown. (click on her name to follow the link to the rest of her videos and songs)


Intro/Verse: A, C#m
Bridge: F#m, C#m, E
Chorus: F#m, D, E, C#m


Verses(For each chord):D,D D Up Up Up,D U D U

Bridge/Chorus: D, U D U. D, U D, D D U

I mean, for the bridge,on F#m strum: D,UDU and on C#m strum: D, UD DDU. On E strum: D, UDD, UD, DUDU

For the chorus, on F#m and E strum: D, UDU and on D and C#m strum: D, UD DDU

Level = Intermediate

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